Weilburger Tageblatt 2014

"... With her unusually expressive voice, she tells stories in a unique way and leaves her audience in a great intensity of love, joy, devotion, hope or despair. ... With an incredible amount of feeling Patricia Freres presented the aria "Un bel di vedremo" which is the musical highlight of the second act of the opera "Madama Butterfly" ..." Read article (in german)

Frankfurter Neue Presse 2013

Audience torn from the chairs
"...again, together with the soprano Patricia Freres, the audience was thrown into storms of excitement... "... The excellent soprano Patricia Freres from Luxembourg was more than once able to show with her interpretation the audience the emotions in the works as well as the human facets of grief, anger, joy and despair ... "
"... Excerpts from La Traviata, Otello, Don Carlos, Aida and Il Trovatore led the audience to an deserved standing ovation ..."
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Märkische Zeitung 2012

" ... Guest star was undoubtedly Patricia Freres .... (she) put the motto of the concert "Vissi d'arte" in excellent sounds to ... as at the end of the concert the aria of Mimi from " La Bohème " was faded, there was even from the fellow musicians appreciative applause ... "

Frankfurter Neue Presse 2012

"... Patricia Freres demonstrated already with her first aria from Puccini's Magda "La Rondine" phrasing art and a heartrending timbre ..."
" ... Patricia Freres left with the great aria of Manon from the last act of the opera "Manon Lescaut" a deeply moving audience. Sadness, despair and pain found in the soprano its ideal interpreter ..."

Dr. Frank Hoffmann , director of the Théâtre National du Luxembourg

"The first part of the evening after Schumann 's song cycle woman love and life already showed the interesting and successful attempt to fill the Schumann songs with theatrical life. But especially the second part of the evening was a real experience.
Patricia Freres sings and tells as Margaret Goethe's "Gretchen tragedy" using a collage of songs combined in a dramaturgical skilful way. The wonderful music of Gounod , Schubert, Hugo Wolf and Hans Martin Ritter experienced in the emotional representation of Patricia Freres, a scenic congenial and vocally convincing implementation. "

Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung 2010

" ... Patricia Freres succeeds an impressive symbiosis of vocal, facial expressions and gestures. Of course, every note, but also every look, every gesture was precise ... "

Nassauische Neue Presse 2014

"... Patricia Freres convinced with a versatile, expressive and powerful voice. You could clearly see that she embodied the figures to the core. She is able to convincingly express states of mind with tone and facial expression. ..."

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